Welcome to  Simple Share Trading.

This is our first post to give a few ideas on Simple Share Trading.

It’s always a good idea to keep ideas simple more so when it comes to Share Trading.

Watch this space for Simple Share Trading Ideas.

But here are a few simple ones

Try and Buy Quality avoids Rubbish – If it looks too cheap it probably is.

Buy a share that you would be prepared to hold if the market closed for a year or even longer.

Don’t worry if you think you should have bought but the price has risen above your buy target. The Price will probably come down to give you a buying opportunity.

Do not trade for the sake of trading.

Watch your portfolio particularly if you have a share that is not performing say falling more than 15% below your buying cost. At that point, you need to review to see if your original thesis is sound and  If not cut your losses.

Cut your losses but let your profits run.

So many investors like to sell shares that are going up but buy more of those that are going down. It is often better to buy shares that are going up, rather than those that are going down.

Do not average down unless you really know its quality quality quality.  One of the main reasons for this is that profit warnings often come along like London Buses in Threes.

The last one in this list DYOR  Does Your Own Research.

So what if the Sage of Omaha bought into Tesco, always do your own research as I did. I sold at good money hard luck Warren.

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You must always remember that trading in stocks, shares and commodities have the considerable inherent risk.