Stocks Shares Training Course for Beginners

Would you like to learn about Stocks and Shares Trading?

Having been an active investor for more years than I care to remember I have no doubt that anyone can learn to be an active Investor but I would suggest that they go on one of our  Stocks Shares Training Course for Beginners.

It is a good idea though to get some basic training and start with a dummy account so that you can gain some experience with out risking your own hard earned capital.

With Interest rates at a record low and probably will remain there for some time now is a good as time as any to find out how to improve your rate of return on money.

My personal experience is that by having a trading plan and effecting a stop loss with each and every trade it is possible to make a useful return on ones money. Using such a plan you can maximise on winning trades and minimise losing ones.

Stocks Shares Training Course for Beginners


On our initial one Day Stocks Shares Training Course for Beginners  we examine the investment markets generally taking in to account the Shares on the London Stock Exchange. Unit Trusts the use of leveraged products such as CFDs (Contracts for Difference).

During the Stocks and Shares Trading course we cover the following as well as many others:-

Consider the various investment strategies that are available and what advantages that they offer.

Review the Stocks and Share market as represented by the London Stock Exchange including Unit trusts.

Explain how to research the information that you will need in order to be able to DYOR Do Your Own Research.

run through some specific strategies that you can use to find and research good investment ideas.

Other courses can cost thousands of pounds for a City or West End Stocks and Shares Training Course ours is deliberately kept at a very reasonable level.

Come along  as this is an outstanding opportunity to gain the exactly the same tips, information and texhniques to give you sn edge in your trading to get ahead of the crowd for a fraction of the price that others charge.

It does not matter what type of trader you want to be whether it be sitting in an armchair with slippers at home possibly trading on a part time basis   or a full time trading  trading from a modern desk with multiple screens. Or perhaps a full time Mum or an Office worker  looking for  a second income.

We have found that women can be excellent Stock and Share Traders in the same way that they are often very good poker players.

Also does not matter what level of trader you are. Our courses are packed full of information and there is something for everybody irrespective of their current level of trading or knowledge.

We can help you all achieve:-

A focussed way of Trading with a plan.

Building a second income and a nest egg.

Learning how to minimise losses and lock in profits.

How to be far more consistent in profitable trades.


The Stocks and Shares Trading and Investing Training course at Easy Share Trading Courses offers you the same expertise skills and knowledge from a full time professional trader. So you have nothing to lose book our Stocks Shares Training Course for Beginners

We provide additional support after the initial course and run follow up meetings and courses for those interested to take their trading to a higher level.