Share Trading Courses London

Would you like to gain more knowledge about investing in stocks and shares, if so, then you must go on one of our Share Trading Courses London.

By going on one of courses you will learn from first principles the basics of investing. Our courses would be suitable for beginners and improvers.

Come and hone and expand your skills and learn about the following key points:-

Buying Shares as a Long Term Buy and Hold.

What alternatives there are to Investing in Shares.

Why invest in Shares in the first place.

Building a High Yield Investment Portfolio one that will survive irrespective of market turbulence.

How to use Leveraged products such as CFDs (Contracts for Difference) to increase the size of the Trade.

Why using Spread Betting can also be an effective way to trade also providing leverage and having the added bonus of being completely TAX FREE in the UK,

How to generate an additional income or a nest egg for the future.

Why and how you must use a stop loss if trading with any leveraged product.

How to devise and write a simple trading plan calculating expected returns and setting s stop loss so as to limit a loss to a small amount.

All of this in plain language with no Jargon.

Numbers are limited and there will be time for Questions and Answers.

Our courses are outstanding value for money and include Lunch and refreshments.

There is always time after the course to have a chat in the bar afterwards,

Details or share trading course can be found on this web site, and you can get more details here

Croydon Share Trading Course