Stocks and Shares Courses

Stocks and Shares Courses

Share Trading Course

We are running Stocks and Shares Courses in various locations which will start from first principles. These Stocks and Shares Courses will cover all aspects of buying, selling and trading shares.

Stocks and Shares Courses – Share Trading Course – Some of What is Covered

  1. How to open a Share Trading account and what market providers you can use for this.
  2. Ideas on how to research possible shares that you might want to follow,research  and then invest in.  I would call that building a “watch list”. With modern technology, you can access such a watch list on your phone oa pad.
  3. You need to have a trading plan deciding on where you are going to invest your money.
  4. Consider an entry level and anticipated profit return.
  5. If trading in the short term are you buying Long or selling Short?  At what level will you set your stop? It is very important to always use a Stop Loss. As if trading in Stocks and Shares Losses can exceed deposits.
  6. Only Trade with money that you are prepared to lose.

On the Share Trading  Course, we will cover the various strategies that you can employ when trading the markets.  Here is a brief outline of some of them:-

Buy To Hold Shares

Buy to Hold

You know it is a great share and will carry on regardless, perhaps a major pharmaceutical firm or a worldwide drinks supplier. That kind of share, if chosen well, you can buy and not even be worried if the stock market closed for two or three years. The thinking is simple we will still need drugs. medicines and soft drinks. But we might not need News papers as everything is on line. On our Share Trading Course we review building a High Dividend Yield Portfolio with examples.

Short Term Trading

Share Trading Course – Short Term Trade

You are buying long perhaps in advance of results in 6 to 8 weeks time.  You expect that the anticipated results are not reflected in the share price but will be when the results come out. Can be a very good tactic where a business is growing and has good consistent growth.  Or perhaps where a share has been a poor performer and a bounce is expected. If one buys quality you have a far higher chance of a positive result. This why on our Share Trading Course we will explain why it is important to research what you are buying or selling.  The more you know about the company you are investing in the more you will be successful.

Spread Betting and CFDs

Share Trading Course – Leveraged Products

On our  Share Trading Course we cover the use Spread betting and Contracts for Difference  CFDs.

This can be a clever way to Invest as they allow the use of leverage. For example, a deposit of say £750 may allow you to trade shares with a value of say £7,000 to £8,000 depending on the share and the platform provider that you are using. How ever only trade with Capital  that you are prepared to lose and ALWAYS effect a Stop Loss. This will minimise any loss should the Trade go against you. Hopefully you will, in a short time, be able to lock some profit into your trade.

invest in pensions

Share Trading and Investing  Course

On our Investor Training Class we will cover how in Investing

How can Shares be used as an Investment for Pension planning as in a Self Invested Personal Pension known as a SIPP. This of course can work well  with a SIPP in draw  down?  This can be a very useful  tool allowing one to receive dividend income and allowing the capital value of the Investments to Increase.

I have had an Account with one of the leading market makers since March 2004 and of course I have made  mistakes along the way, Come on one of our courses and learn from my Mistakes.

Upcoming Courses

A simple example of a Spread Betting Trade entered at 6787.80 Stop moved up to 6794 and market trading t 6800.

Simple Trade using a CFD on the FTSE 100 entered at 6734.20 trading at 6780.30

Share Trading Courses FTSE 100
Share Trading Courses

To learn about the above, and to hone your skills, you need to go on our Share Trading Course one of the Stocks and Shares Training Classes  from Easy Share Trading.

Here are a few examples of actual trades.

Trading FTSE 100 INDEX

Trading FTSE 100

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