Share Trading Investing Classes London

If you are interested in Share Trading Investing Classes London then this article is for you.

London is one of the centres of the financial world for investing in Stocks & Shares.

Despite the apparent confusion of “Brexit means Brexit” London will remain a financial centre for years to come. Quite simply some of the sharpest financial brains are based there and will continue so to be.

Of course, there are many other financial centres in the world.  But London with the Bank of England known as the Old Lady of Threedneedle Street will always be one of the central ones.

History of Stock and Share Trading

The history of Stock and Share trading goes back a while, even before the City Of London was established.

It can  be traced back to the original Merchants of Venice.

The original financiers of  Europe, those that financed governments, wars and empires.  Were indeed the  key to the financial world back in history.  As banking, as we know it, simply did not exist. These financiers or perhaps to call them by their more recognized name were the moneylenders of Europe.

They traded loans and debts with in their community.

One financier might have been trying to unload what they considered was a high risk loan. Very probably with a high rate of interest  in exchange for a better grade loan from another lender.

These financiers also purchased government paper.

As their lending  business grew and expanded they naturally started to sell this paper to members of the public who were the original public investors.

The leaders in this area existed from about  the 1300’s, the Venetians (many of whom I guess were Jewish) were the prime movers  in these markets.

These market traders  were the very first to begin  trading in the financial paper of  other governments.

Interestingly enough they  would be equipped with  slates on which they would chalk the latest updates and  information on the financial products that they had for sale

They would have meetings  with clients in some ways as a broker might do today. But of course the broker today would not have a Slate board he would have an electronic Table not one made of Slate!

Share Trading Investing Classes London

The World has moved on since the Merchants Venice.

Now you can trade the stock markets of the world with an internet connection as I am doing now as I write this article.

If you would like to learn how to invest on the Shares & Stock markets then you should consider coming on one of our courses.

Our courses are entertaining and presented in a n informative way based on the mistakes and successes of a real trader.

What do we cover on Our

Share Trading Investing Classes London

On one of our Share Trading Investing Classes you would learn:-

How to handle and control risk

Ways to find consistently profitable trades

Why  use Stop Losses to ensure that when and if a trade went against you your exposure would be limited to a figure that you had calculated.  Trades often made for the right reason can and will go against you.  Simply due to factors beyond your control or knowledge. But by using a Stop loss you will control the amount of the financial loss.  Indeed you will be able to use this method to build in profits when trades go in your favour.

Why you should  not  Trade to Often.

It is a statistical fact that the Traders who make the most money are those who trade the LEAST not the MOST.

Why is that?

Well by making good trades in the first place and being cool, calm and collected they are able to stand back and let their profits run.

Too often new traders expect to make money quickly.

It just doesn’t happen like that.

A quick example I entered a trade and it went against me but did not hit my stop loss. I had a look at the charts , saw the price fall bottoming out combined with other factors that I cover on the course I decided to double up on my position. Now I am exactly at Break Even.  I  see no reason why this trade will not mature in a short time to a profitable trade on both positions.  Well the update here is that of the two trades one  closed on my stop  at a profit of just over £200.00 The other is still running so I will update when closed.

Share Trading Investing Classes London

So just to recap I am not suggesting for one minute that Share Trading  is a quick or indeed simple way to make money quickly.  A good trader is one who trades the least amount of times  and allows his trades to mature.  The time schedule is one that you cannot control the market will decide.  But with some research and a plan combined with a consistent approach you will be successful.

But if you gain the required information and go on a Share Trading Course  you will get the information required to trade in a calm and steady way.

That way you can build up a steady second or indeed in time a  main income stream. Either way you should be able to build a useful nest egg.

Before you let your self loose on the markets you can experiment using the dummy accounts that all the market makers provide.