Share Trading Courses UK  – How to Trade Successfully

If you would like to know how to trade stocks and shares on the stock markets around the world then you should come on one of our Share Trading Courses UK.

Not only can you trade shares on other world wide markets you can also trade from wherever you are in the world. You do need a good and reliable internet/broadband connection but with that you could trade on a mobile phone a pad or a lap top.

Easy share trading

For example you could be in Spain, France, America, Australia or Singapore and Thailand. Even from a Yacht in a Marina or even at Sea!

As long as you have that internet connection and it must be reliable and have a good capacity. Nothing worse than having trading positions open and being unable to monitor them.

Our share trading courses UK  cover the following:-

How and where to open a Share Trading Account.

Which market makers are available.

Plans on how to trade and what to look for when designing aplan

When and What to trade.

How to control and minimise losses.

Where can you get the information you need to research a possible Trade.

How to research possible share trades.

Ideas as to how you can identify future possible Share Trades.

An introduction to Charts with examples of different trades

Ideas on Self Invested Pension Plans

Share Trading Terminology

You can get more details on our Share Trading courses UK  but are next two courses are being run at the Jurys Inn Hotel in Croydon and you can get more details here:-

Share Trading Courses Croydon

Share Trading Courses London

Share Trading Courses Beckenham

Share Trading Courses Gatwick


Our courses are for educational purposes we do not provide investment advice.

You must always remember that trading in stocks, shares and commodities have considerable inherent risk.