Investing Courses London

We run a one day Investing Courses London  for new investors and traders in London. So that they can benefit from the mistakes and successes that I as  a real trader and not a class room teacher can pass on. Our courses are of benefit for those who are completely new to Investing and those who have been investing for some time but would like to up their game.

As they say “experience can be obtained in two ways either spend a lot of time or waste a lot of money”.

The idea of our course which is not expensive is to save you money that you would probably lose with out some focused training.

Investing Courses London

By coming on one of our Investing Courses London you will be able to sharpen your knowledge of the Stock and Share market.

We aim to cover on our one day Investing Class all the key points that new Investors need to know when starting out on the Journey of Investing.

In addition on our Investing Class we cover what an aspiring share trader needs to know. Even those that have been trading for a while or even a long time will find our Share Training classes useful.

We ensure that attendees go away with sufficient information that they can immediately use to research possible investments and trades.

Not only is the course content  good and relevant. But you get the opportunity to meet up with like minded people which is always useful.

Often some interesting investing ideas are discussed and researched.

We invite attendees to stay at the end of the course for a brief chat in the bar if they wish.

investing courses London

What do we cover on our Investing Classes London

In summary an attendee at one of our all day Share Training classes will learn about:

The investments that are available if you want to invest on the Stock and Share markets.

How one can build various investment portfolios such as

High Dividend Yield

Long Term Buy and Hold

Ways to identify opportunities for profitable share trades, How to implement a Stop Loss and how to check and adjust as the trade progresses.

Ideas to ensure a high consistency of profitable trades.

How to construct a trading plan when trading Stocks & Shares. What makes a good trader and how you need to implement these traits in your trading.