Easy Share Trading Courses

Easy Share Trading Courses

Easy Share Trading Courses provide Share Trading Courses and Share Training Classes for new investors and for existing investors and share traders. These courses are designed to be useful irrespective of your knowledge or experience in investing. We tailor our courses so that there is something for every one from Beginners to more advanced investors.

We cover a review of the financial investments available on the Stock and Share  Markets. Then we explain how an investor can benefit in various ways by investing in Stocks and Shares.

There are many investment products available such as Unit Trusts, Investment Trusts and direct investment in Stocks and Shares.

You can also trade in stocks and shares using leveraged products where various market makers will offer trades in Spread Betting and Contracts for Difference.

Easy Share Trading Course Locations

We hold our Training courses sometimes to special order and indeed we have run share trading courses for select numbers at their own homes where individuals or a small group require this.  This can be very useful as a lot of detailed ground can be covered quickly.  And the opportunity for questions and answers and interacting is of course so much easier. If required we have a chart specialist who can also attend if this is required. However we would suggest the chart specialist would be brought in for a follow up training course rather than the initial course.

We have held courses in Southampton and Bournemouth and will do again once the current CoranaVirus Covid19 is more under control. Edinburgh is also a venue where we will be holding courses.

We always aim to make out training courses entertaining, constructive and with a sense of humour!

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Easy Share Trading Courses