Current Share Trades

Here are a few simple examples of current share trades, I trade in various ways and I try not to overtrade because you tend to make more money making fewer trades. This means you have to have patience but it is a fact, that the most money is made by those who make fewer trades.  Also over trading seems to run up losses as mistakes can, and are made.

In Simple terms, you “let your profits run” and “cut your losses”. There is a phrase “Buy when the Cannons Fire and  Sell when the Flags Fly”. So if a good share gets marked down by a few percent it can be worth buying as a bounce may well come.  However always be careful and do your own research as sometimes the share can keep going down. Be careful not to catch a falling knife, The market, however, tends to swing rather like a pendulum on a Grandfather clock so it will always go over the top on the way up and likewise on the way down.

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Example of Current Share Trades

Here is a Trade using a CFD (contract for difference) in the Shares of BP British Petroleum one to watch when the price of oil is rising.

Here is a good example of an Easy Share Trade in the Shares of Easy Jet using a CFD (Contract for Difference)

Trading EasyJet

Here is an example of an Easy Share Trade based on the FTSE 100 using a CFD. Always be careful trading and even more so trading any kind of Index or Indice. Remember market trends can and do turn.

Our Share Trading courses and Share Training Classes are for educational purposes only and we do not provide investment advice.

You must always remember that trading in stocks, shares and commodities has a considerable inherent risk. The market can and does change due too circumstances which are beyond your control. So always have a plan and do risk more money than you are prepared to lose.