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You must always remember that trading in stocks, shares and commodities has considerable inherent risk. The market can and does change due to circumstances beyond your control

Your Money And Your Brain

What happens inside our brains when we think about money? Well quite a lot actually, and some of it isn’t good for our financial health. In this book “Your Money and Your Brain, ” Jason Zweig explains why smart people make stupid financial decisions and what they can do to avoid these mistakes. Zweig, a veteran financial journalist, draws on the latest research in microeconomics, a fascinating new discipline that combines psychology, neuroscience, and economics to better understand financial decision making.

your money and your brain

Short Term Day Trading for High Profits

If you’re new to investing and trading you can learn to go from financial beginner to financial guru in the time it takes you to read this book. Short Term Day Trading for High Profits details what it takes to become a consistently profitable investor and trader in today’s financial markets working against the best investors and traders in the world.

Short Term Day Trading for High Profits