Share Trading Ideas

Share Trading Ideas

Would you like some Share Trading Ideas so as to be able to trade the share markets from where ever you are are in the world?  To do this you will need some Share Trading ideas and a plan.  Also, we suggest you come on our Share Trading Course where both beginners and semi-experienced investors can gain a lot of practical knowledge and advice.

Not just the UK stock and share markets but all the World Stock markets where you can make money. Including Indices like the FTSE 100 and other asset classes like Oil and Metals.

Obviously, it does vary on your location and time zone but it is a great thing to be able to trade the  stock markets worldwide.

Have you wanted to buy and sell shares, but really you just haven’t had the time or indeed the experience?  That famous  saying springs to mine that there are two ways to gain experience.  One takes a lot of time and the other is expensive!  Our courses are not expensive and in a short time you will gain a lot of useful information.

Share Trading Course

We are running beginners share trading and investing courses dealing with all of this and we start from first principles. The Course will also be suitable for Improvers and traders of intermediate levels as well. As in all things we are always learning.

Share Trading Ideas

Share Trading Course – What will you find about and learn.

Find out what are the key points that you need to consider when buying a share. This will include P.E (Percentage to Earnings ratio) and dividend yield plus many other factors.

You will learn about using Spread Betting to take a position in a stock or a share. This can allow you to use gearing as the deposit of say £200 could allow you to trade shares up to a value of £2,000.  These amounts vary on the level of the purchase the specific share and the market maker.

Learn about using CFD’s, which is shorthand, for Contracts for Difference. These can be extremely effective to allow one to use leverage and trade a larger value of shares using a relatively small monetary deposit.

When trading like this you must always have a plan and calculate what kind of return you expect.  Also calculate how much you are prepared to lose and set your stop loss accordingly. Hopefully the trade will move above your opening position. the you can adjust your stop loss ensuring that you will not make a loss. And in time locking in profit as the trade matures and begins to gain momentum.

Always remember that one can lose more than your initial deposit.  Always effect a stop loss so that you control your position as far as possible. By using a stop loss, in an effective manner, you will be able to ensure that any losses incurred are small.  But please the Golden Rule is always to effect a Stop Loss. And always check that the Stop is in place. Go back and revisit the contract to ensure that the Stop is in place.

One exciting option in using spread betting of CFD’s  is that the position that you take could either be a purchase or indeed a short sale. This gives one the ability to sell a share. One that you  do not even hold, which in a falling market can be useful.

Always be cautious when shorting a share as it can and has happened that the parties lending the shares want them back more or less immediately like by close of business that very day.  That, of course, forces the shares up and crucifies those who have shorted the shares. There have been one or two cases 0f this happening so always be careful.

To get more information on our courses go to Share Trading Courses where you will you find some useful resources.

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